Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Up-cycle Quilts

After making the rag quilt for my cousins baby, the boys insisted I make them one too.  I know that their quilts won't be cherished either (likely living on the floor, till I pick it up for it to just end back on the floor again) so luckily I had been collecting all the old winter PJ's that were destined for the garbage bin to use as stuffing etc.

And slowly I put together 2 quilts for the boys:

This rag quilt is for Little Big Man, with cute polar fleece patch work on the underside.

This one is for Littleman, after seeing what the washing machine, the drain and my dryer looked like after making the rag quilt, and in fear of those devices breaking down due to all that fluff, I made a standard block quilt.  I actually prefer this one, it seems more comfy and durable.  All the snipping on the rag quilt meant I cut through a few seams and had to re-stitch the broken seams after it was washed.

Overall a great up-cycle, only needed to supplement a little extra flannel & polar fleece.

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