Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Travelling Stash arrives!

A little while back a great lass named Cass the coolest started up a "travelling stash" for like minded sewing fans and of course I put my hand up to join in.

The stash was first sent off on March 25th, 2012 and was filled with all these goodies:

So much has been added and the post bag it was in was almost busting at the seams and is now so close to 3kg that I had to ensure what I took out and what I put back in weighed the same.

I received the "stash" from fellow Sydney sider Sarah who is one of my online sewing buddies from "sewulation".

The bulging postbag:

All the goodies waiting to see who shall join my stash:

Out of the bag - wow, it just fit on my desk! What to choose, what to choose!

It was a hard choice:

And here is what I added back to the stash:

And off it goes to.....

oh I best find out as I'm sure the next travelling stasher is waiting ever so patiently!

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