Thursday, 29 March 2012

Busy little bunny

A few orders have kept me busy and now time for a little rest before life in general takes over - but that is a whole other story not worth sharing!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sewulation Week 11

I had some spare time this weekend to try and make something that I had brewing in my mind for while. When I pick the kids up from school I like to carry as little as I can, basically just my mobile, drivers license and keys.  Now I could just shove it all in a pocket but I just don't like that and have this silent fear that I'll bend over an everything will fall out and I'll lose what ever is in my pocket.

Anyway I previously made a version of this but excluded the notepad and replaced it with a zippered coin purse:

I liked it but it had to be held or put back in that pocket I dislike so much, so I moved on and made a version of this to put the little organiser wallet into:

I really like the wristlet but I'm never satisfied so... this where I started brewing, what is I took the organiser wallet and combined it with the wristlet, an all in one wrist tote?

Ta da!

I think I could have made it better as I find the purse zip too low and the keycards are over the top and I think the mobile will slid about but all in all the marriage of the two patterns sort of worked and will live happier ever after!

Here are the links to the Organizer Wallet and Wristlet, I would love to offer a tutorial for my combo but as I winged it and it really is just a version of the others I'm sure all of you clever sewers out there will find it's not that hard and whip one up next weekend!

Organizer Wallet


Thursday, 15 March 2012

To market, to market

Eight of my little baskets have travelled a long way to be available at a market! So if you are in the Caloundra area this Sunday 18th March make sure you pop into Sunny Coast Baby Kids Market 

A new friend made through Facebook (you just have to love social networking) wanted to help promote my Easter Petite Paniers at a market that she was selling her handmade items at - what a compliment!

So adorable my Petite Panier were filled with chocolate free Easter goodies:

Special thanks to KNJ - Handmade From The Heart

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A little gift

My niece recently gave birth to a pretty little girl, there are not many girls on the husbands side of the family. I feel for his mother with 3 son's, 9 grandson's and 2 great grandsons. "Ellie" is a very nice edition to the family and an excuse girly things!

I don't sew clothes, I have tried I'm just terrible at it but I am the "give it a go!" gal so I tried to make a little dress for Ellie and although it is not top quality it is functional and shouldn't fall apart after a few wears - I hope!  Of course I did team it up with a little petite panier in matching colours.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sewulation Week 10

The challenge at the Sewulation group for this month was to create a cushion.  I searched Pinterest and there are so many lovely cushion tutorials out there but I was inspired by other members of the group who have been creating the most gorgeous patchwork quilts.

Each time I make one of my Petite Paniers I end up with 4 little square that I put to the side as I just can't bare to throw them in the bin, I had no idea what to do with them and they were likely to turn into stuffing for a future softy.  I thought the pieces were way to small for patchwork but I gave it a go and pieced them together and although the squares didn't exactly match up, I think it looks ok.

I've been inspired to try patchwork again, I made a hand stitched baby quilt when I was 14 but through the machine it is so much quicker.  My closest cousin (more like my sister) is due to have her first baby in July and I plan to make her a quilt, just need to learn a bit more about batting and the backing as the cushion didn't requie any of that.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Check it out!

I'm so proud of myself, feels great to see my little baskets going off to new homes.  Here is few photo's of some of the petite paniers that I have sold:

Friday, 2 March 2012

Limited Edition Easter Petite Panier, only 4 in stock! Get in quick. Super cute "Michael Miller Sorbet Snack Bunny" fabric with Pink or blue lining (2 of each colour lining) $12 each plus postage. 

Times running out, easter is only:

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