Monday, 18 June 2012

Minky lounge pants

My cousin was expecting a baby in August and I set in my mind that it was going to be a girl, I went out and bought numerous amounts of girly fabric so that I could make her baby lots of pretty things.  Well she managed to stress herself out and ended up having her baby 7 weeks early and yep, it's a boy!

So here I am stuck with all these pink fabrics, so what to do?

Thankfully a few friends had birthdays this month, and it seems extra cold this winter and my bestie Lee Lee is always whining how freezing she is so I attempted (and I use that word loosely) to make her a pair of pants with the some pink Minky fabric.

Firstly, I have never really made clothes, let alone adult sized.

Secondly, Minky is super messy - was covered in fluff, the room was covered in fluff, pink fluff was everywhere!

The end result - Happy Birthday Lee Lee Minky lounge pants was received with a huge smile (and finally fluff free)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Buttercup clutch

Years ago I joined an online diet club to obviously lose weight (which I did) but also in the process I gain some great online friends.  I feel really connected to these people even though I have never met them and likely never will as they are skattered all over Australia.

This clutch was made for a great online friend who I feel is my biggest fan, always giving a big thumbs up on FB and positive comments, so this is for you "Nett".

I wanted to make a little larger clutch so I decided to use my Buttercup pattern and omit the handle - I'm very happy with the result.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Another clutch

I ended up hating that other bag and so I sent it off to my niece in QLD, I hope she likes it more then I did!

And whipped up this clutch - much more my style, simple patterned fabric and the top panel is so much better sized.