Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bye Bye Travelling Stash

With much stuffing and re-stuffing, I just managed to fit everything back into the post bag. Several times I thought it would burst open but it stayed sealed and my only concern was it's weight. It needed to be under 3kg.

I did try and weigh it at home but my kitchen scales only went to 2kg and so I jumped on the body scales with package in hand and saw I was now an extra 2.8kg heavier - but my scales go up in 200g increments, it may not of seen an extra 200g (although it always see it when I'm on a diet and desperate to lose weight!)

So with my very heavy, over loaded package I went up to the post counter and with little beads of sweat trickled down my forehead in fear that it was over the 3kg, I handed it over and asked to register it... she didn't put it on the scale... so I have no idea what it weighed and am just assuming all is safe.

Off goes the travelling sash to Jules in Queensland... happy travels to you travelling stash!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Travelling Stash arrives!

A little while back a great lass named Cass the coolest started up a "travelling stash" for like minded sewing fans and of course I put my hand up to join in.

The stash was first sent off on March 25th, 2012 and was filled with all these goodies:

So much has been added and the post bag it was in was almost busting at the seams and is now so close to 3kg that I had to ensure what I took out and what I put back in weighed the same.

I received the "stash" from fellow Sydney sider Sarah who is one of my online sewing buddies from "sewulation".

The bulging postbag:

All the goodies waiting to see who shall join my stash:

Out of the bag - wow, it just fit on my desk! What to choose, what to choose!

It was a hard choice:

And here is what I added back to the stash:

And off it goes to.....

oh I best find out as I'm sure the next travelling stasher is waiting ever so patiently!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Up-cycle Quilts

After making the rag quilt for my cousins baby, the boys insisted I make them one too.  I know that their quilts won't be cherished either (likely living on the floor, till I pick it up for it to just end back on the floor again) so luckily I had been collecting all the old winter PJ's that were destined for the garbage bin to use as stuffing etc.

And slowly I put together 2 quilts for the boys:

This rag quilt is for Little Big Man, with cute polar fleece patch work on the underside.

This one is for Littleman, after seeing what the washing machine, the drain and my dryer looked like after making the rag quilt, and in fear of those devices breaking down due to all that fluff, I made a standard block quilt.  I actually prefer this one, it seems more comfy and durable.  All the snipping on the rag quilt meant I cut through a few seams and had to re-stitch the broken seams after it was washed.

Overall a great up-cycle, only needed to supplement a little extra flannel & polar fleece.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Cuzzies baby

If you recall I mentioned that my cousin was expecting a baby, which I assumed would be a girl and it turned out it wasn't.  I should have just listen to my husband who said it was going to be a girl - but what do men know...

Back to the fabric store to find some nice boy themed fabric as I had previously purchased lots of pink and made little "Christian" a rag quilt and matching nappy clutch (I know, I love my clutches).

I really like them.  I made the quilt simple as I'm hopeless at matching fabrics and creating a decent pattern, I did try to design something but always hated my end design.

I doubt she will use them as she is one of those finicky mum's who likes everything new, but I knew this all along and really wanted to make her something.