Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nail Love

A huge love of Pinterest and my nails has me on mani art handmade!

It's been a while

Life has had a dramatic turn of events.  About 6mths ago my husband left his job and I had to return to full time work and all spare time (sewing time) was completed absorbed with household duties and sleep.

But there were moments and here is a little pic roundup of my handmade efforts, not many but I still enjoy it and too many days I dream I could lock myself away and just be handmade.

My little Facebook page is very silent, I'm not sure what I should do with it, I just don't have the time... if only there were more time, but then again that time would likely be swallowed up with some other task that is deemed more important.

After work drinks... come on it is a LOL drink!

 Happy 39th - Oh hell the big 4 0 is so close

 A little clutch for a work collegue

A quick quilt 

1st ever patchwork quilt

 After I made the girly quilt I thought I should make a boyish quilt just in case my friend has a boy (she had a girl by the way)

Baby Shower gift.  I really enjoyed making this little set 

OMG, how good does this pav look...and it tasted equally good too! 

Little Man's birthday cake

I do this more for self though but thanks to my tiny 3 followers if your reading.