Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sewulation Week 10

The challenge at the Sewulation group for this month was to create a cushion.  I searched Pinterest and there are so many lovely cushion tutorials out there but I was inspired by other members of the group who have been creating the most gorgeous patchwork quilts.

Each time I make one of my Petite Paniers I end up with 4 little square that I put to the side as I just can't bare to throw them in the bin, I had no idea what to do with them and they were likely to turn into stuffing for a future softy.  I thought the pieces were way to small for patchwork but I gave it a go and pieced them together and although the squares didn't exactly match up, I think it looks ok.

I've been inspired to try patchwork again, I made a hand stitched baby quilt when I was 14 but through the machine it is so much quicker.  My closest cousin (more like my sister) is due to have her first baby in July and I plan to make her a quilt, just need to learn a bit more about batting and the backing as the cushion didn't requie any of that.

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