Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pretty little Bags

Had a custom order for some wrist bags:

I have to say they were not the easiest bag to sew up and for someone who's sewing passion is bags it drove me a little crazy.  In total I made 5 bags and each time I tried something new to get the handles to piece together better and it really didn't make a difference.  Each bag did turn out but I whined a hell of a lot whilst making them.

Now this bag:

"The Buttercup bag"*  I absolutely love making and find no matter what fabric I use it always turns out  just right.  
Made By Rae's Buttercup bag was one of the first bags that I ever made and I feel I have a special kinship with it - like my virgin bag!

*Buttercup Bag designed by Rae Hoekstra. Copyright Rae Hoekstra.  JJHandmade holds a limited commercial license to create "Buttercup Bags"

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