Saturday, 21 April 2012

Catch up Saturdays

I have recently started my new full-time job which has bizarre hours from 1pm - 9pm and as I am so wonderfully busy in the mornings with kids and house duties all my evening spare time for sewing is gone :(

But I do have my Saturdays and so once all the clothes were washed and on the line, the dog washed and groomed and the kids set up I hit the kitchen and sewing room.

I of course baked first:
some tasty and very healthy Carrot, zucchini and pecan muffins.

These are for work for my coffee breaks and after work when I feel like something but it's far to late to eat something heavy and large.

Then as it is Saturdays and I like to treat us all to something nice I also made some individual Apple Pies, now this photo is of some bite sized ones which was made from the left over pastry and apple mix.  The bigger ones we shall cook just before eating so it's crust is crunchy and deliciously warm on the inside!
And from the sewing room, I created a "Soccer mum" winter essential!  I've been a soccer mum for so many years now and I really don't know why I didn't do this earlier:
Both the bag and head band are made from polar fleece.  Whilst on Pinterest I simply feel in love with the DIY Ear warmers by Prudent Baby and the bag (which I just sewed up without a pattern) is not only a carry all by a lap blanket! I'm in love with both and the grey fleece is such a nice colour too.  I have a little of the fabric left so once I get a change I'll try and make a scarf or neck warmer too.

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