Thursday, 12 January 2012


Welcome to my new blog and my very first post.

Only very recently I was given the push to show more of my creations with the world and nervous as I am I would like to hope that one day I will be able to offer my creations.

There seems like so much to learn and so much to set up, I just thought it was easy as make, show and sell.  Maybe it is but at this point I find out there are rules and standards and I want to start out right and I'm in no rush so step by step I'll get there.

I have created a blog to share my journey.  I've created a Facebook page to get a little fan base and as of yesterday I've hit 50 "likers", I'm amazed as I assumed that only my close friends would like me (as that's what friends do) but I do feel I have genuine likers and the feeling is wonderful.

So the next thing that I would like to do is to have a little giveaway to my new likers at Facebook.  A couple of days ago I wanted to make a fabric basket but I wanted it to have a handle, so pencil to paper and a little thought and I came up with this:

I love it and hope others will love it too.  Tonight I shall create 3 more with different fabrics and hold my little giveaway... this is all so new and exciting!

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