Friday, 27 January 2012

For my mum

I don't need a reason to sew for my mum, she is my ultimate fan and I'm sure she has a draw full of all the craft and art that I have made since I was a little girl. I love her so much and now that I'm a mum I know how hard this "job" can be and she is just the best.

Mum loves Mermaids but I grew up calling them "SirĂ©ne" the french word for Mermaid, this was her pet name from my father, I find it terrible sweet.  I won't tell you the pet names my husband gives me... you can't picture anything nice!

So one day whilst online fabric shopping I stumbled on this gorgeous fabric by Michael Miller - Sea Beauties and just had to snap it up for mum.  I tried to use all of it and sent them off to her yesterday, I hope she likes them!

Little man was our apron model under much duress. 

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